700KVA Perkins Generators, FCDA, Abuja

Perkins 700VA - Supply, Installation & Commission

PERKINS series heavy-duty diesel engine • 4 cycle, water-cooled, turbocharged & air to air charge cooled • Direct injection • Electronic governor system • 24-volt self-starter and charger alternator • Changeable air, fuel and oil filter • Tropical type radiator • Flexible fuel pipe • Oil discharge valve and extension pipe • Industrial type silencer, exhaust spiral or compensator • Maintenance-free battery • Engine block water heater (in automatic models) • Diesel gen-set maintenance and operating instructions and electrical circuit diagram
  • Construction date: October 2018
  • Investors website: https://fcta.gov.ng/
  • Location: FCT, Abuja - Nigeria

The Engine

Using only the best components which are assembled in the UK this 700kVA generator features a genuine Perkins diesel engine. The Excel Power XL700P is manufactured using individually selected elements including a Stamford HCI634G1 alternator. Together with the Perkins engine makes this the best 700kVA generator for sale in Nigeria. It will meet or exceed your power needs.
Extra Equipments
Charge ammeter • Moulded case circuit breaker (in automatic models) • Hospital/Critical type silencer • Sound-proof canopy • Mobile - trailer • Synchronization control panel for 2-16 gensets • 3 pole/4 pole automatic transfer panel (A.T.S.) • Fuel and oil heater • Alternator heater • Automatic fuel filling system • Fuel-water separator filter. • PMG warning system
Modular type sound-proof canopy • Canopy installation executed with screw and nut, without welding process • Epoxy and polyester powder painted canopy • Canopy designed for easy maintenance • Lockable doors on both sides of canopy • Emergency stop button • Transparent panel inspection window
Brushless, single bearing, flexible disc 4 poles alternator for harmonic failure • H type isolation class • IP 21-23 protection class • Self exciter • Electronic automatic voltage regulator• Stator 2/3 step for harmonic failure • The alternator windings are protected by insulating varnish against oil and acid.
Safety Standards
Our generators are manufactured in compliance with VDE 0530, BSE 4999 BS5000, IEC 34, TS ISO 8528, TS EN ISO 3744, TS EN ISO 3746, TS EN 60034-1, TS EN 60204-1, TS EN 60335-1, TS EN 61439-1, EN 61000, TS EN ISO12100 standards. We have ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007 and ISO10002:

In Summary

We supply Diesel Generators and Associated Control Systems at competitive prices. Our ranges of supply for diesel generators are from 10KVA up to 2200KVA. The 10KVA up to 2200KVA range is powered by Perkins Engines with Stafford Alternators.
Diesel generator supply from 140 to 6000kVA
Open or acoustically enclosed generators
Full installation design & project management service for major installations
Supply of all peripheral equipment and accessories + maintenance contract.