Highway Lighting

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Highway Lighting

  • Lighting design
  • Required energy calculation
  • Structure & foundation design
  • Optimized pole spotting
  • Project management
  • Procurement & transportation
  • Construction works
  • Testing & commissioning

Importance of Highway Lighting

We are assisted by the team of diligent and dedicated workforce in offering an inclusive collection of LED Highway Lights. Fabricated exquisitely, these lights are highly acclaimed and treasured because to their industry designs and elevated life.

One of the important features of road lighting is improving safety, lowering the crash rate at night, and improving the safety of intersections.

What are the objects of highway lighting?
To make the traffic and obstructions on the road clearly visible in order to promote safety and convenience. To make the street more attractive. To increase the community value of the street.
Which pavement is better for highway lighting?
Cement concrete roads have a better visibility, but they are more expensive. The objects adjacent of the pavement are seen by a process called as reverse silhouette.

Highway Lighting or Roadway Lighting

Highway lighting provide illumination

Highway lighting consists of providing illumination through lights in the vicinity of a highway/road/street.

It plays a major part in ensuring of highway safety during night driving and includes the aspect of roadside amenities for the convenience of the road-users, and preserving the aesthetics of the highway and its vicinity during the nights. In addition, highway lighting is important to provide security to the road-users during nights, especially to pedestrians.

Accidents are known to occur more during nights than during the day; this is attributed to poor visibility of potential hazards at night time and lack of proper lighting for the road or highway.