Renewable Energy Plants

About Us

We are not only Branded Generator Suppliers but also supply transformers of various brands on a customers’ need basis. We also provide renewable energy solutions for home and commercial uses.

Renewable Energy Plants (which include All-in-one streetlight, solar panel, inverter, batteries, and accessories).

All-in-one streetlight ranges from 40 Watts to 200 Watts,

Products of All-in-one streetlight are Felicity, Wakatek, Gacia, Setec etc..

We carry out the following activities.

  1. Site survey & layout
  2. Design review and certification
  3. Bulk & Detailed earth works
  4. Site preparation & testing
  5. Construction of concrete foundations & Crane pads
  6. Road works and hard stands
  7. HV underground network and earthing
  8. Parking lots
  9. Streets and side walks
  10. Control & Guard houses
  11. Maintenance buildings
  12. Drainage systems
  13. Concrete cable channels

Industry Solutions

The most popular renewable energy sources currently are:
Solar energy, Wind energy. Hydro energy, Tidal energy, Geothermal energy. Biomass energy.

Technical Expertise

There are many kinds of solar panels currently on the market, but nearly all of the world’s photovoltaics today are based on some type of silicon.
Our solar panel experts help design and evaluate new PV components and products for the photovoltaic and solar panel industry.

We are dedicated to our work

The most efficient solar panels available in 2021 use the high purity N-type IBC cells manufactured by SunPower and LG. REC recently released the Alpha series using high performance HJT N-type cells which boosted efficiency close to the level of IBC cells.

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CBN, Minna Branch
CBN, Minna Branch

Working with Movi Power is like having a family member who can fix everything. They know what you need, exactly when you need it.

FCDA – Abuja
FCDA – Abuja

Movi Power is a dependable service provider. Their service was professionally delivered within the time frame speculated.