Supply, Installation, and Commissioning of 650KVA Siemens AVR – CBN, Minna

650KVA AVR – Essential Infomation

Supply, Installation, and Commissioning of 650KVA Siemens AVR – CBN, Minna …

  • Location: CBN, Minna - Nigeria

Electrical Transformer Installation Tips

An electrical transformer should be inspected for damage before installation. Please be sure to check for any visible damage, loose or broken parts, dirt, or the presence of moisture. If these signs are not visible, then your transformer should be in good conditions and ready to be installed.
    • Avoid any additional stress imposed by incoming cables on transformer bushings or connections.
    • Do not remove the protective coating around terminals. They prevent surface oxidation.
    • If aluminum conductors are used, protect them as specified by the manufacturer.
    • The electrical transformer manufacturer should provide instructions or details about torque requirements.
    • Use only UL listed lugs and follow manufacturer’s recommendations on how to attach them.
    • Avoid installing washers between terminal lugs and the bus bar. Doing so can overheat the connection.
    An insulation resistance test shall be made before energizing the electrical transformer.
    If the electrical transformer is going to be operated in parallel, then consult with the manufacturer that all voltages, impedances, and turn ratios are appropriate.
    Before energizing any 3-phase electrical transformer compare the line to ground and line-to-line voltages, they should be similar.
    After installation is complete, check the output voltage of the electrical transformer.