Domestic Generator

Domestic Generator

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We provide sales, installation, maintenance, and spare parts of our domestic generator ranging from 10KVA to 135KVA. We also offer technical advice on ranges based on available load & full installation.


KVA Stan-By PowerKVA Power PrimeEngine ModelCylindersSpeed (Rpm)HZVoltsFuel Tank Capacity (Litre)Fuel Consumption (Litre/Per)Oil Sump Capacity (Litre)L
1314.5403D-15G3 inline1500503801104.88.316005501170435
2022404D-22G4 inline1500503801105.28.316005501170436
27301103A-33G13 inline1500503801446.28.317707141368800
40441103A-33TG13 inline1500503801759.48.321507521366884
60661103A-33TG23 inline15005038017513.88.321507521366954
80881104A-44TG24 inline150050380175188.3214975213661074
1001101104C-44TAG24 inline15005038022721.916.1237073513811170
1351501106C-E66TAG26 inline15005038027930.719270190015211532

Stand-by Power is applicable for supplying emergency electric power for the duration of the utility power outage.

Prime power is the maximum power available at variable load for unlimited number of hours. A 10% overload capacity is available.


All outputs started are base at NTP in accordance with IS08538, please contact MOVI to asses if any derate is required

All information given in this leaflet is intended for general purposes only, Due to the continues improvement policy,

MOVI reserves the right to amend details and specifications without notice and all information gives is subject to MOVI’s current condition of sales.