JOHN DEERE 4045TF120 / 4045TF158R

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JOHN DEERE 4045TF120 / 4045TF158R

John-Deere-4045TF120- series Engine

After-sales support or repair contracts, maintenance contracts, etc. can also be provided by factory-trained qualified engineers for this product.


DT60-DT70S (50 HZ)

JOHN DEERE 4045TF120 / 4045TF158R

JOHN DEERE Engines offer a cost effective and highly reliable engine manufacturing solution for your John Deere 4045TF120 Power Unit which should be equipped with a John Deere 4045T engine.

Engine Core Acceptance Criteria

We offer a highly flexable engine core acceptance program.

If we do have your particular engine already rebuilt and would like us to ship it before we receive your original engine core your there would be an engine core deposit added to your invoice. You will need to send us your original engine core within 30 days to get back your deposit.


    • Our new and remanufactured industrial engines are covered by a 1 year unlimited hours warranty on parts.
    • The engine must be filled the correct amount of oil to the safe operating range indicated on the oil dipstick at all times, it is the operators responsibility to ensure this.
    • If any fluid leaks occur it is the responsibility of the operator to have these immediately inspected and rectified. If the leak is determined to originate from the engine we will cover this at no charge. If the leak originates from any engine accessories like radiator, turbo etc. and not specifically billed on our invoice to you as a new item it is not covered under this warranty.


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