KUBOTA KT20 – KT22S (50 Hz)

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Introducing the Kubota 03 Series (4 – Cylinder) Voltage: 230/400V, Frequency: 50 Hz, KT20: 19.7KVA, KT22S: 21.9KVA

After-sales support or repair contracts, maintenance contracts, etc. can also be provided by factory-trained qualified engineers for this product.


KT20 - KT22S (50Hz)

The Kubota BG Series (4 Cylinder)

Kubota is the world’s leading manufacturer of compact diesel engines, providing you with a single source for a multitude of power needs.

Kubota BG Series engine line-up is ideal for all of your generator applications such as light towers, welders, and generators for industrial and standby use. Kubota offers a wide range of generator engines to meet various needs all over the world.

Why Kubota BG Series?

Low profile and high performance.

The Kubota BG engine provides high performance in a compact size. It’s perfect for stationary standby generator requirements.

Reliable and durable quality

Under strict quality control, Kubota will provide you with the tried and true quality needed for your generator applications.

A clean, clear choice.

Kubota always provides leading efficiency and emissions performance.


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